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A septic system (POWTS - private on-site wastewater system) consists of four different types of systems. Gravity filter bed system, aerobic system, mound system and at-grade system. A septic system consists of one to three tanks and requires to be pumped every 2 to 3 years.


A septic tank allows solid waste to break down into waste water and leaves the system as a liquid. It does not release solid waste into the ground. Septic systems work by separating the solids from the liquids. Solids are broken down naturally through bacterial action and then passed out of the tank along with the waste water. In general, the septic system is the more efficient and "maintenance-free" choice.

Systems equipped with efficient fillers work as a screen to keep solids from entering the filter bed and causing damage by blocking the absorption field. Proper maintenance rinsing the filter will help to keep your system working efficiently.

How do I know if I have a conventional or mound system?

A conventional system generally consists of one septic tank. In some cases, you may have a 2-compartment septic tank or two separate tanks. There is no obvious “mound” in your yard.


A mound system is an above-grade filter bed system. It consists of 1 to 2 septic tanks with an additional tank containing an electrical pump which pumps effluent to the mound system.


Why do we need an outside water source when you come?

We require an outside source water from your home for two reasons. First being for us to rinse off our hoses and equipment when we have completed our job and to help keep your yard clean of any septic wastewater. The second reason being for any system which has a filter installed to properly clean and rinse the filter as recommended to help keep your system working properly.


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