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While Servicing your Septic System please note access is normally done from homeowners driveway, Unless requested to access  from roadway.

To make our job easier and to protect your property please note the following:


Important information to know before Schmitt Sanitation LLC services your POWTS (Private Onsite Wastewater System)

- Remove any vehicles, boats, or campers that may be in our way


- Keep Children and Pets inside


- Have your outside water turned on and a garden hose nearby


- Remove any sod, mulch, or topsoil covering the septic tank lid or manhole cover


- Unlock manhole locking device (spraying with WD40 helps to keep lock from rusting)


- During Winter months, keep snow cleared from cover and shovel a  pathway to the manhole cover


If there are any special requests for us, please note at time of making your appointment.