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A holding tank is a watertight tank used to catch and contain wastewater from a home or business until it can be removed and disposed of at a wastewater treatment facility. Holding tanks provide no separation of solids and do not include a baffle system which can block solid waste from exiting the tank. They are the only alternative for areas where septic tanks cannot be used.      

How often does my holding tank need to be pumped?

A holding tank may need to be pumped every 30 to 90 days depending on how much waste is generated and the size of the tank.  As an example, a family of 4 could probably expect to have a 4000-gallon holding tank pumped anywhere from every 4 to 6 weeks.


I have a seasonal home. How often do I need to have my holding tank pumped?

Washington County requires your holding tank be pumped at least once a year. Waukesha County requires the same.


Depending on the size of your tank and usage of water, a holding tank requires pumping each time it becomes full. This involves monitoring the tank level with a high water tank alarm which is equipped when the tank is installed to notify you when the tank needs to be serviced.