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Septic systems should be cleaned every 2 to 3 years or more, depending if you have a large family. Older systems should be checked or pumped more often due to the maturity of the system. Do not plant trees near septic tank or filter bed. Trees with very aggressive roots, such as willows, should be even farther away from the system.


Above-ground covers need to be locked at all times. Never attempt to open a septic tank yourself. Gases and bacteria inside are very dangerous. Do not drive over the drain field; build a structure on top of it, or cover it with concrete or asphalt.

Take Proper Care of Your Septic System

  • Sanitary products

  • Disposal diapers

  • Treated towelettes and paper towels

  • Cooking grease

  • Cigarette butts

  • Hazardous chemicals

  • Coffee grounds

Keep unwanted items out of your tanks

  • Wet spots over the septic tank area or cover

  • Slow flushing toilet

  • Gurgling drains

  • Odor in home

  • High water alarm on lift pump system or effluent filter system

How do I know if I'm having a problem?

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Helpful information for your septic tank system

How often should my POWTS (private on-site wastewater system) be pumped?

Washington County mandates any system installed after 1980 be pumped on a regular basis. If you own a conventional system, every 3 years is required; a mound system, every 2 years.


Waukesha County requires all conventional and mound systems be pumped every 3 years.